Welcome to 2017-2018

We are looking forward to another fantastic year!

We are kicking off a new fundraiser this year using the 'Snap!' program that allows us to use email, social media, and text messaging to quickly raise money for our music program. Click here and get started today!

Join Code: 322618740

Upcoming Events:​

September 19th: Pumpkins & Pancakes Committee Meeting

October 15th: $150 Disneyland payment due

October17th: Pumpkins & Pancakes Committee Meeting,
October 25th: Chipotle Dine Out Fundraiser
October 26th: Area Festival, Heritage High School Gym

Welcome to the Music Boosters Site 

This site is dedicated to the students in the Adams Middle School Band and managed by the Music Boosters Board. Our mission is to provide Adams Middle School band and choir students an enriched educational experience through the study and performance of music. We fund raise to provide equipment, materials, and support for an excellent musical education for our children.

​​We appreciate any amount of donation you offer.

**If you are donating on behalf of a student, please add their name to the comment section as your donation processes**

The email address for the account the money is sent to is:


We are a non-profit organization and your donation may be tax-deductible. Contact your tax accountant for additional information. Thank you for your support.